Chicken Pox is a Season 1 episode of Fanboy & Chum Chum.
Chicken Pox

Characters PresentEdit

  • Fanboy
  • Chum Chum
  • Kyle
  • Book Of Spells

Main IdeaEdit

When Kyle gets the Chicken Pox, Fanboy and Chum Chum try to heal him, but it gets worse.


One evening at his apartment, Kyle sneezes really hard. He is feeling very sick. His eyes were blood red, his skin turned pale green, and as he slaps down on his sofa, he quotes himself feeling like "the south end of a north bound book". He then summons his spellbook, Necronomicon, to have a diagnosis. Necronomicon explains he's a good doctor, as he was origionally a book of "the very, very sick". Kyle then tells his symptoms: "My nose is runny, upset tummy, chills and shakes, pains and aches, swollen glands, and clammy hands...oh, and excessive rhyming". Necronomicon announces Kyle has the Chicken Pox, and he's in the first stage. Now, he has to get ready for the second stage-where he becomes an actual chicken! Kyle sends Necronomicon back to his shelf, and he locks his doors and windows so no one sees him. But he was unexpectedly greeted by Fanboy and Chum Chum, who snuck in through the mail slot in the door. Chum Chum brings Kyle his homework, which was bitten by a dog. Kyle tries to push the boys out but is too week, so the boys put him on his sofa. Fanboy props up Kyle's head, while Chum Chum disagrees and props up his feet. A battle between propping up erupts until Fanboy thinks he's hungry when he sees his foot in his mouth. Kyle's cheeks turn green, and the boys dash off to the kitchen. After they leave, Kyle gets off the sofa and demands them to leave and not come buk-ack-WHAT? The second stage is happening! Kyle begins do flap his arms, bob his head and dance around like a chicken, just in time to see the boys come back for a split second, when Fanboy says he should go back to the sofa. Kyle tries to unlock his door only to see that his left arm has turned into a wing. He is transforming! Then his other arm transforms into a wing, followed by his mouth turning into a beak. He dashes away and hides in the clock. Fanboy and Chum Chum return with sheep guts for Kyle, only to see that Kyle is gone. Then, Kyle's clock chimes three times, on the third chime, Kyle, now a chicken, bursts out! The boys are horrified, and think he is a monster that ate him. They try to beat him up, but Kyle stops them and they realize all this. Kyle explains in order to return to normal, he has to lay an egg, but the boys laugh. They then videotape Kyle setting up his nest, and leave. Kyle falls asleep on the nest for a few seconds when Fanboy and Chum Chum come back, surprising him with an "eggwarming" party. They even make him his own roost. Fanboy tries to tamp it down, but he does it incorrectly, so Kyle shows him how. But he tamps it a little too hard and falls to the ground. He then waves his wand, imprisoning Fanboy and Chum Chum in a plastic dome called "the cone of silence", and mutes out the sound inside it so he won't hear them while he lays his egg. He tries to pus really hard, but decides to get a snack. In the dome, Fanboy finds Kyle's wand and decides to use it as a conductor stick, while Chum Chum played his cymbols. But while Fanboy taps the wand on his stand, he activates it! Kyle is horrified when he sees the wand's glow. He tries to stop him, but he forgot that he muted out the dome's sound. And he winds up taking an amazing fly all over the living room while Fanboy conducts his song. When it's over, Kyle lands on the dome, and Fanboy dissolves it. Kyle is angry with the boys, and they seem quite scared for a few moments, until they see Kyle's butt rumbling. He lets out a loud fart, laying a big egg! Thinking he's cured, Kyle holds up the egg. But the boys tell him he doesn't look cured, and he thinks he did something wrong. Chum Chum decides to shake the egg, but he winds up making it fall on the floor and crack. Kyle is angry with the boys again, and they seem more scared, until they see the egg shaking. It hatches to reveal an elf doctor, who knocks Kyle onto the floor. Kyle stands up, and Fanboy and Chum Chum see that he's normal again! Kyle thanks the elf doctor, who disappears. Fanboy decides the trio watch a movie to celebrate Kyle's cure, but Kyle rejects and once again, tries to push the boys out. But again, he's week. So, he decides to watch the movie. Fanboy uses Kyle's wand to poof up some popcorn, but because he isn't a wizard he backfires and turns the trio into giant ears of corn. Kyle quotes this by saying "talk about a corny ending". The episode ends with the elf doctor coming out of the iris out to do a tinkerbell ending.


This is the first episode of the series to focus entirely on Kyle.

This is the fifth time the title of the episode is said.

This is the first episode to take place entirely at Kyle's Apartment.

The way Kyle looks sick (bloodshot eyes, pale green skin) before he transforms into a chicken is the same how he looks when he's sick in other ways.