Fanboy is the pilot episode of Fanboy & Chum Chum. It is a Random! Cartoons short.
Fanboy (episode)


Fanboy and Chum Chum go to see FanMan's new creation, the Frosty Freezy Freeze.


At the Super Mart, Lenny watches a Fanman commercial and turns the TV off just in time to see Fanboy and Chum Chum bash through the door. They're here to taste-test Fanman's Frosty Freezy Freeze flavors! The boys head forward to the Frosty Freezy Freeze machine, but Chum Chum suddenly stops, and spys a machine that makes Ice Monster Bun Buns! Fanboy approaches the Frosty Freezy Freeze machine and woos Fanman, but later sees that Chum Chum is gone. He finds Chum Chum playing with the Ice Monster Bun Bun machine and lets him play for a few minutes. Chum Chum then slips on an Ice Monster Bun Bun, causing him to fly into the Frosty Freezy Freeze machine, where he inflates and takes an amazing fly! The boys crash into the Ice Monster Bun Bun machine, where they say it was amazing. But they don't notice the Frosty Freezy Freeze merging with the ice monster statue. It turns into an actual ice monster named Berry, and the boys are quite scared. But Fanboy puts his Fanman skills to the test and challenges Berry to a thumb war. Berry gives Fanboy a "cold hand" so he can be safe, and they battle. Unfortunitly, Berry wins, and Fanboy gives him Chum Chum's Frosty Freezy Freeze cup. But before Berry can drink from it, he finds out that it's empty! He gets so mad that he melts, and Frosty Freezy Freeze flood the floor. Fanboy then realizes that Fanman's Frosty Freezy Freeze is "totally heroic" and works a little too strong. They didn't have to taste-test it, all they had to do was see how it works! And he and Chum Chum continue talking about this as they walk home together. The short ends with Fanboy and Chum Chum onscreen saying goodbye, along with a "the end" sign taped to Chum Chum's butt.