Little Glop Of Horrors is a Season 1 episode of Fanboy & Chum Chum.
Little Glop Of Horrors

Characters PresentEdit

  • Fanboy
  • Chum Chum
  • Kyle
  • Yo
  • Mrs. Cram
  • Mr. Mufflin

Main IdeaEdit

Fanboy and Chum Chum stage a protest at school when the new lunch lady serves disgusting food.


It's Pizza Day, and Fanboy and Chum were ready for pizza at lunch. They were pretending to be "Pizza Monkeys". They approach Kyle and ask him to play with them, but he detests and says they'll throw their "pooperoni". The boys giggle, but Kyle takes the joke back. Mr. Mufflin comes onstage and says that Mildrid, the lunch lady, retired after working for 68 years. He then introduces a new lunch lady: Mrs. Cram. Everyone's excited at first, until Mrs. Cram announces she only makes red glop, making the kids disgusted. A piece of glop is dropped on Fanboy's lunch tray, and he rejects and he and Chum Chum share a lip balm tube. They then try to throw the glop away, but the trash can is gone. The kids then try to go away, but Mrs. Cram won't let them go until they finish eating their glop. At the boys' table, Chum Chum refuses to eat the glop, because it burns his eyes. Kyle then flashbacks to his old school where he had a food problem as well, but then decided to help them. Fanboy then had an idea to put the glop in his milk carton, but Mrs. Cram notices it and it explodes, leaving glop all over the place (and on the kids). Back at the boys' table, Kyle decides to read from his spellbook, Necronomicon, to distract himself from the glop. Until an idea springs right to him! He feeds everyone's glop to Necronomicon, and tries to walk out. But Mrs. Cram shakes Necronomicon, causing him to barf glop all over Kyle's head! Fanboy decides to talk to Mrs. Cram, but after that, she says they don't have to eat anything, just the food. Everyone is again, depressed. Fanboy then realizes a cat was at the back of Mrs. Cram's book, which springs an idea into his head-a play! The kids use the glop as props and costumes, and it starts with Kyle shouting that a cat is stuck in a tree. The curtain opens revealing Chum Chum in a cat costume (made of glop), stuck in a glop tree. Lupe then takes out a glop phone and everyone else in a glop fire truck comes to save him. Fanboy saves Chum Chum, and says he needs to go to a cat doctor. Mrs. Cram was about to open the door to let the kids out when she realizes that the glop in the kitchen's on fire, leaving the kids miserable. But they did use their glop to put the fire out, but still, they had to eat the glop-this time lick it off the floor. Later, everyone is grossed out while they lick the glop. Until, Kyle suddenly grows into a giant! One by one, the other kids grow into giants, like what Mrs. Cram said. The kids are so excited that they bust the wall down and exit the school, heading for home. Mrs. Cram is surprised to see this, then walks back into the school to make more glop and the episode is over.


This is the second episode to take place entirely at the school, as well as the first taking place entirely in the cafeteria.

Although the glop is red, the script and some cable listenings mistake the glop for being grey.

This episode took place before "Pick a Nose" and "Excuse Me" as Mrs. Cram already appeared in those episodes.