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Main IdeaEdit

Fanboy and Chum Chum try to escape Galaxy Hills Preschool when they are mistaken for preschoolers and meet Fanboy's old enemy, Marsha.


Fanboy and Chum Chum are pretending to be spacemen who landed on a strange planet. When Chum Chum says that the "planet" is inhabited by "aliens", the boys spin their "ship" around to power it up. But they spin the "ship" too fast that they fly up into the air and land in another schoolyard with kiddie rides. Chum Chum realizes he and Fanboy landed on the preschool playground and Ms. Olive, the teacher, mistakes them for her students. Fanboy declares that he and Chum Chum leave, but they can's go through the gate because of the "big boy proof" guard. So, the boys go inside and decide to relax for a while. Fanboy then spots a large girl with deep red hair in pigtails, who comes forward to him. The girl introduces herself as Marsha, and Fanboy noticed that she was forced to repeat preschool after he spat up on her placement test a long time ago, when Marsha was chipper. Marsha is now so mad at Fanboy, she plots to destroy him! Fanboy panics and Chum Chum teams up with him to escape. After several escape plans, they have no luck when naptime comes. Fanboy says to Ms. Olive that he doesn't have to nap and turns on the record player, but it plays a lullaby and the preschoolers go to sleep, and Ms. Olive gives him a gold star. Ms. Olive then tries to turn the lights off but Fanboy keeps turning them back on, so she sends him to nap in the playhouse. There, Fanboy finds a message above the door, reading "Marsha was here". He then follows a series of pictures on the wall to another message, that reads, "Marsha is here". Marsha had snuck into the playhouse! She was just coming toward Fanboy when he shook the house, bumping the record player. The tune changes to a dance song called "the bunny dance", which turns out to be Marsha's favorite dance. She runs out of the playhouse to join the other preschoolers, and Chum Chum leads Fanboy up to the roof, where he made an airplane out of popsicle sticks. The boys get into the plain and it launches off the roof good, heading for home. Fanboy wonders if Marsha will make it out of preschool, but thinks she'll never will. Marsha closes the episode by saying, "Curse you, Fanboy!"

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