Night Morning is a Season 1 episode of Fanboy & Chum Chum. It was the 2009 "holiday special" of the show.

Characters PresentEdit

  • Fanboy
  • Chum Chum
  • Kyle
  • Kyle's Teddy Bear
    Night Morning
  • Manarctica
  • Yo
  • Mr. Mufflin
  • Chris Chuggy
  • Lupe
  • Michael Johnson
  • Cheer
  • Duke
  • Cheech
  • Chum Chum Alarm Clock
  • Francine
  • Nancy
  • Precious

Main IdeaEdit

Chum Chum discovers another part of day, called "Night-Morning" and tells Fanboy about it. Fanboy gets so excited about it and invites all of his and Chum Chum's class over to the Fanlair.


One night, Fanboy and Chum Chum are tucking each other in bed. Later, when Fanboy wakes up at 12:00 am, he finds out that Chum Chum is gone!Later, Chum Chum returns and says he was spending "Night-Morning", a time where you do things in the morning at night. Fanboy then begins rapidly asking questions of what Chum Chum does during Night-Morning all day long, and Chum Chum later asks if Fanboy would like to join him. Excited, Fanboy goes to bed, and not long after that, Chum Chum's alarm clock strikes 12:00 am, and Fanboy is ready! He invites the whole class over to party with them. Kyle is in bad shape, not because he brought along a bear to keep him company, but it is because he's wearing awful headgear-which is really huge and even has a model train on it. Fanboy declares the Night-Morning Slumber Party started, and everyone's excited. Chum Chum starts by eating Granny Bran Cereal, but no one's interested. Francine is mostly bored, so she leaves. Later, everyone joins Chum Chum around the TV, only to find Chum Chum imagening a show. Kyle and Lupe are so mad, they leave too. Much later, most of the party has left the Fanlair. Fanboy then spots Chum Chum putting out a tray with a glass of milk on the right side, and a plate of cookies on the left side. He's putting that out for Man-Arctica, who flies on his duty to give his fans presents. "Isn't that Santa Claus?" Yo adds. The group continues to wait, but Yo and Chris Chuggy, the only two people left, leave. Fanboy decides to watch for Man-Arctica, but falls asleep. Chum Chum then realizes that the milk actually goes on the left side and the cookies go on the right. Man-Arctica shows up, and Chum Chum tries to wake Fanboy, But he is too tired. So, Chum Chum drags a sleeping Fanboy along with him as he helps Man-Arctica shoot gifts to his fans. Mr. Mufflin closes the episode by looking out his window, shouting "Night-Morning!"


Although this is a "holiday" episode, Nickelodeon airs this many times a year, as it does not have a plot revolving around Christmastime. Later, there might be an episode with one.

This is the first time someone wears PJs on the show. It was Kyle.

Kyle wears his headgear to bed in this episode, but in later episodes he doesn't.

This is the sixth time the title of the episode is said.