The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy is a Season 1 episode of Fanboy & Chum Chum.

The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy
Characters Present

  • Fanboy
  • Chum Chum

Main IdeaEdit

Fanboy believes that he's shrinking, so he inlists Chum Chum, Oz and later, Yo, to get him "normal sized" again.


After a rainstorm last night, the marks on Fanboy's measuring flower didn't wash off, but the flower grew bigger. And when Chum Chum measured Fanboy, he panics and thinks he's shrinking. So they go visit Oz at Oz Comix. Oz announces that there's a metor that will make anything grow bigger, but it doesn't come for another 45 millon years. So, Fanboy decides to freeze himself so he'll be ready for that. But he was only frozen for 35 seconds and thinks he's in the future, but Oz corrects him. Back at the Fanlair, Yo pops by and is horrified to hear that Fanboy is shrinking. So, she comes up with a plan: move Fanboy into her dollhouse so she can have Chum Chum to herself. Yo takes Fanboy to her house and shows him her dollhouse, in the shape of a castle. She even makes Fanboy a helmet to prevent his head from being crushed. The moment Fanboy squeezed into the dollhouse, Yo got Chum Chum to come in and started playing with him by pretending he's a saulor on her pretend cruse line, the S.S. Cuddles. In the dollhouse, Fanboy imagines he's small and spies a chocolate bar on a chair in the corner of the room. He realizes it makes Oz "grow", and if he eats it, he'll "grow", too. But he had to face Yo's pet cat first, and managed to tame it by throwing a toy chair far out. He then gets the chocolate bar and removes his helmet so his head won't hurt. He then bites into the chocolate, and he is "normal sized" again! Fanboy then announces to Yo she give Chum Chum back or she'll get a normal sized therapy. Yo agrees, and Chum Chum is glad that Fanboy is "normal" again. Before they leave, Fanboy says that when they get home, Chum Chum get him out of the house, as the basement is "flooding". The boys laugh and exit, and the episode ends.